Own Your Own Grumpy Joe Catapult

It seems Grumpy Joe has spotted a new income stream, and built himself a new website, on the back of his chicken-shit catapult. You can now protect your home with one of your very own for just £75. ‘Simply load with rotten eggs, chicken poo or any other suitable noxious substance and aim at intruders.’ Oh my.

Even more shocking is, that if you read his Biog page, you’ll discover one half of the source of Joe’s misery, Mr X, is actually his own son Michael (his partner in crime being convicted fraudster David Sharratt). The plot thickens into one that’s positively Shakesperian.



  1. Antonio said

    This has to be some kind of elaborate performance art piece right? Is Fierce still on? I can’t find it on the website. 🙂

  2. getgoodguide said

    As far as I can tell it’s real, which is why my interest is bordering on the obsessional. Joe’s saying the business was stolen from him, whilst in the Business Link link on his name, Michael says he bought the business from Dad and re-branded it. So someone’s telling porkies somewhere. It seems there are two vastly different sides to this story…

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