FLIPing rubbish

On Digbeth is Good I recently write a post about Lizzy Piffany’s song I Hate Men after seeing her play it the Sunday Xpress in the Adam and Eve. I had tried to film it, but my crappy camera could only manage the stretched, soundless blur you see here. It’d be great to be able to record things like this, or interview the great people I meet along my way on film. But times are hard and money’s tight. How can this problem be affordably solved?



  1. keridavies said

    Have you got a Flip, then? I’d heard they were rather good.

    I get good quality video with my digital stills camera, a Canon IXUS 70 (less than £120 nowadays.)

    Or Amazon has the Flip Ultra for about £75.

    Or if that would mean eating lentils for a month, you could steal one :o)

  2. No I haven’t got a flip, as the clip shows! Pete Ashton said if I wanted one I should go cap in hand to me readers and beg, but I was a bit too embarassed so wrote this post alluding to my want in the hope a Fairy Godmother would read it and throw one my way! Ah well, never mind. Maybe Father Christmas will pick this post up ; )

  3. What about your mobile phone? We saw a chuffin EXCELLENT film t’other week at BIFS’s Library Theatre night, “SMS Sugarman” (http://smssugarman.com) – filmed entirely on mobile phones to great effect.

    Have you had any donations yet? I’ll chuck a fiver your way. Never let it be said that the great Lizzy Piffany don’t take care of her fans! 😉

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