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Link: Data Pub by ASH-10

  • Data Pub : ASH-10 – Pete Ashton talks about how pubs could use social media to update their customers and carry on the conversations that go on at the bar. I’d really like to see the Digbeth pubs do something along these lines. They are already a well-connected, established group that meet regularly and, given the noise abatement problems a couple of them have faced recently, they could probably use these tools to collaborate with each other and rally support as well keeping their regulars posted.
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    Helping out with Brum Twestival

    Being the beautiful assistant (ahem) at Birmingham Twestival doesn’t stop you from winning some prizes, it seems.  If you can be bothered to watch beyond the first five minutes of this clip, you’ll see me win a cover of a song of my choice by the band Friends of the Stars.  I used the prize to do a noisy, Digbeth mashup of Black Velvet Band to reflect all the local noise abatement nonsense. I also won a bottle of Veuve-Clicquot.  It’s still sitting in the fridge in its wetsuit-style jacket, which will be great for disguising future bottles of Cava.

    As part of giving a helping hand to event organisers 383 Project, I also got to wander around the venue with a bucket collecting raffle ticket money and be a Dolly Dealer for Jon Bounds’ game of Tway Your Cards Right.  My life’s such a glamourous affair.

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    Birmingham Twitter Flash Mob

    Last Saturday I was in my first ever flash mob, the Birmingham Twitter Flash Mob organised by photographer Karen Strunks.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never been in a flash mob before, but I really enjoyed it.  The idea was that once Karen blew her whistle, we stand stock still in the city centre holding up our Twitter-related signs.

    I tried to do it sleeveface style, dressing my top-half up as the blokette avatar Shona McQuillan kindly donated to me for my starring role in Twitpanto and I’ve never quite got around to changing since:

    I must admit to not being entirely satisfied with the results, I’ve seen sleeveface done a lot better in Flickr-land.  But it was good fun and kind of odd, standing stock-still in Victoria Square getting curious looks from the passing shoppers.  A Birmingham Post photographer stopped by to capture the moment and afterwards we all went for a nice drink at The Wellington.

    Karen Strunks’ next great idea (her head seems to be full of them) is the 4am Project – what will you feel compelled to snap at 4am?  You’d better decide by the time this clock finishes counting down:

    I’m naturally going to try for something Digbeth-based.

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    Link: Will Perrin talks about local

    Pete Ashton covers Talk About Local – Here’s Ultra Local hero Will Perrin talking about the development of his Kings Cross site and how that spurred him into developing his Talk About Local project, that will enable pretty much anyone who wants to to develop a community blog with training and support from UK Online Centres.  It’s likely Birmingham will be the hub for this, which makes sense as the infrastructure is here, with the social media surgeries and the like.  Very exciting.

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