Birmingham Twitter Flash Mob

Last Saturday I was in my first ever flash mob, the Birmingham Twitter Flash Mob organised by photographer Karen Strunks.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never been in a flash mob before, but I really enjoyed it.  The idea was that once Karen blew her whistle, we stand stock still in the city centre holding up our Twitter-related signs.

I tried to do it sleeveface style, dressing my top-half up as the blokette avatar Shona McQuillan kindly donated to me for my starring role in Twitpanto and I’ve never quite got around to changing since:

I must admit to not being entirely satisfied with the results, I’ve seen sleeveface done a lot better in Flickr-land.  But it was good fun and kind of odd, standing stock-still in Victoria Square getting curious looks from the passing shoppers.  A Birmingham Post photographer stopped by to capture the moment and afterwards we all went for a nice drink at The Wellington.

Karen Strunks’ next great idea (her head seems to be full of them) is the 4am Project – what will you feel compelled to snap at 4am?  You’d better decide by the time this clock finishes counting down:

I’m naturally going to try for something Digbeth-based.


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