Blogger’s affluenza

Since I first started blogging a year ago (it feels like it’s been so much longer!) I find myself coveting equipment I’d love to have, but can’t yet afford.  So here we are – my ultimate blogger’s toolkit would consist of:

A macbook – top of my list, this.  I’m currently working on a PC laptop with Windows Vista, which has been known to reduce me to real-life tears.  This isn’t helped by friends saying, “Well, I’ve got a mac and it just works.” Yeah, thanks for that.   But sometimes I get to laugh through the tears at pictures like this one by Joey deVilla:

You see my problem.  It’s gotten a little better since I managed to turn all the bells and whistles off, but I still hanker after the Narnia that is a mac.  I’m actually considering a credit card for the first time in a long time.  Now I’ve just got to find out who’s stupid enough to offer me one.

A Flip – I’ve already got one of these thanks to the filming fairy godmothers Fullrange.  They really are brilliant little things – ridiculously easy to use and compact enough to carry around all the time and not freak people out when you point it in their direction. I love my little Flip.

An iPhone – today I just cracked and got one, taking out a silly O2 contract I probably can’t afford.  I’ve not had a proper play with it yet but the little fiddle I’ve had tells me it’s easy, versatile and great for staying connected whilst on the move.  This will be great for keeping the world continually posted, up to the mouthful, of my gluttony during next week’s Week of Breakfasts.  Considering my current mobile phone model, this iPhone means a pretty insane level of upgrade:

Nokia vs iPhone

A Canon G10 camera – I’ve long since outgrown my current Hp Photosmart 5 megapixel camera and have been hunting around for a new one.  Professionals like Karen Strunks tell me the Canon G10 would be the best model, as it’s small enough to carry around but does have the versatility to grow with me as I hone my skills with a digital photography course at South Birmingham College.  I have no desire to become a brilliant photographer, I just feel I need to be able to do it better than I currently can to record and report on what’s going on around me.

A Zoom H2 Handy Recorder – Sandra Hall from Friction Arts interviewed me using one of these for Echoes From The Edge and I was immediately taken with it.  It again has the beauty of being simple to use and compact enough to carry around all the time but gives great results.  After Sandra interviewed me in my flat we went to the pub, where we bumped into someone interesting and she used it to interview him there and then.  That’s kind of the point of most my wants – because I’m always unexpectedly stumbling across interesting stuff, I’d like to have the tools to be able to record it straight away rather than re-arranging, which sometimes means I miss the moment.

Some kick-ass insurance – I’m going to need it if my wishes are granted and I get all of the above.  I’ll be a mugger’s wet dream walking the streets of Digbeth.


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