Link: Dave Harte gives up Twitter for Lent

The Stirrer: Dave Harte gives up Twitter for Lent – with a very good reason, not only to raise money for charidee but also because:

Although I?m still fond of the sweet stuff I?m even fonder of the new social media tools that let you connect to people in such direct, simple ways. Twitter, blogging, Facebook and the like aren?t just throw away fads for attention-challenged youth, they allow for the kind of networking in the virtual world that was previously the preserve of the golf club bar or the high-powered business breakfast. In fact they?re probably the most valuable business tools around at the moment. Surely ease of communication with customers, suppliers, collaborators and competitors is a top priority for firms in such turbulent times.

So giving up twitter for a few weeks is my way of saying that twitter matters, you dismiss it at your peril.


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  1. Dave Harte said

    Thanks for the mention. I’ve only just noticed the relaunched Getgood Guide. This theme is most lovely – what a great looking blog, well done.

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