Link: Socialreporter | How Twitter can trip up a blogging boss

Socialreporter | How Twitter can trip up a blogging boss – Oh dear, this made me laugh and then get a little angry. Bob McKee, CEO of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and and information Professionals) gets a well deserved roasting from Phil Bradley for stating there will be no Twitter presence for CILIP because ‘In terms of ?official? activity, cyber life is just like real like – if it happens in a CILIP-sanctioned space, it?s official; if it happens down the pub or in someone else?s space, it isn?t.’

Christ alive, where do you start?  Well David Wilcox tries by pointing out that ‘you can?t define ?your space?. You need to be wherever anyone talks about you. And you need to monitor who is saying what about you, and responding quickly.’

But seriously, is this guy mad?  Ignore the unofficial at your peril.  Is he honestly saying no pub conversations have been bought into and affected CILIP’s ‘official’ space?  I’m willing to bet him a fiver he’s wrong.  And it’s the same with informal social sites like Twitter – yes, you can choose to ignore what’s said on them if you like, but you will be cutting off your nose to spite you face.  And don’t for a minute think what’s being said in these arenas will have no affect on official business.

Rant over.


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