Link: nikki pugh » We are the Interstitials

nikki pugh | Blog Archive » We are the Interstitials – Nikki Pugh talks about the interstitials – small, slippery but strong forces that can effect great change to the more rigid entities that surround them:

We are smaller than the structures around us. We inhabit the gaps the host matrix cannot occupy itself. Our small size gives us speed and responsiveness and though the sites we may occupy are ultimately determined by the host matrix, we are mobile and select which of the available positions we inhabit.

Our host is rigid; bound to the other similar entities around it in predictable patterns. We are independent; we may cluster around locations or other interstitials, but our interactions shift as required. We frequently move on, jumping between adjacent sites. There?s no problem, it?s just how we are.

Our host may regard us as defects, but though our numbers are small, our effects are wide-reaching and can drastically change the properties of the matrix we operate within.


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