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Link: Nicky Getgood and Will Perrin – David Wilcox on

Nicky Getgood and Will Perrin – David Wilcox on – Here’s me an Will Perrin answering David Wilcox’s question:

Suppose you’ve got a Council or public body wanting to support social media and you’ve got some activists there: what would you say to them…?

Will puts things best when he simply says, “there are risks in not doing it.” Talk About Local gets spoken about, as does Nick Booth’s Social Media Surgeries as an perfect example of what can be achieved. I declared that, “I’m not a Brain Scientist,” managing to mix ‘rocket scientist’ and ‘brain surgeon’.  Proof if any be needed, that you don’t have to be a genius to learn how to use social media tools to talk about things that matter to you.

David Wilcox, total gentlemen that he is, has since managed to find out that there is such a thing.

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That was the week that was

Last week was one of a few milestones for me.  Here they are then:

  • We Share Stuff became a limited company.  Congratulations!
  • Digbeth is Good turned 1 year old – Pete Ashton’s response when I told him this was, “Christ, has it only been a year?”  Oh yes.  And what a year!  I celebrated with drinks in The Spotted Dog, which drew a smiling ‘where the hell else?!’ from many.
  • Moseley Barcamp happened, and was brilliant with, many a debate and great idea springing forth from it.
  • On Wednesday I started my once-a-week stint at Meshed Media, where I’ll be helping out for 7 weeks.  I had a lovely first day, spent mostly writing blog posts for West Midlands Dance.  My working flow kept getting interrupted by me realising I was getting paid for blogging, and getting an immense kick out of it.  But I managed to get through my task list all the same. (Always so very satisfying, ticking off the items, isn’t it?) So it was a small but very significant milestone for me, and means I can add West Midlands Dance to the ‘Other places to find me list’.

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