Bread-making workshop at the Goat Milk Festival

Last month I was lucky enough to go the amazing Goat Milk Festival in Bela Rechka, Bulgaria with Friction Arts:

…an event that tries to put the questions about personal memories and collective memory (a ?high voltage? question in our society) in a new perspective and environment – offering at one hand the relaxed ambiance of one authentic Bulgarian Balkan village like Bela Rechka with its hospitality, goat milk and walnut trees and, on the other hand, innovative and new approaches from the European debates and art world in the field of memories, identity and new culture.

As you can probably guess, it was pretty amazing and although I’m not going to blog any big conclusions from the experience just yet, I’d like to put a couple of odds and ends here.  Thanks to a lost camera, they don’t amount to much but there are a couple of recordings I wanted to publish.

Sunmoon baker

The first is a small clip and photo from a bread-making workshop at the festival, lead by the baker at Sunmoon Organic Bakery & Vegetarian Restaurant in Sofia.  If you ever find yourself in Sofia, be sure to seek them out for a good meal washed down with some nice beer.


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