The Dark Place

Bulgaria - David Cerny's Entropa

Bulgaria - David Cerny's Entropa

Artist David Cerny upset pretty much all of Europe with his hoax artwork Entropa, with its cliched representations of each European nation, but it managed to particularly outrage Bulgaria by portraying it with a series of connected Turkish squat toilets.

I actually found these to be few and far between and they weren’t that bad – they took a little bit of getting used to but they did seem well designed to let gravity take its natural course, as it were.

But before we got to Bela Rechka I was warned about ‘The Dark Place’ – the one toilet behind the old school building used by  Goat Milk festival goers.  When I got there we discovered that a load of portaloos had been bought in for this year’s festival, which I was told I should be thankful for.  I discovered why when I found the old school toilet:

The Dark Place

The Dark Place


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