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I’m at my Dad’s house this evening, trying not to fall asleep whilst digesting what was a gargantuan steak and ale pie.  Dad’s just been taking me through his favourite websites (my blogs and his cricket club’s website) on his computer – my old PC laptop.

When I first gave Dad the laptop he was a little nervous, he wasn’t sure of how to navigate his way around it and hadn’t used the internet that much.  Then Sarah Kate Norman introduced me to a great little programme: Eldy – a free to download, incredibly simplistic interface for older people unused to email and browsing the web.  Dad’s description was “Fisher Price internet” and it really seems to have worked for him, he’s become very comfortable with using it to read and send emails from his address, surf the internet and check on his favourite websites, which he’s bookmarked.

At the A New Currency event earlier this week film producer Natasha Carlish spoke about how her mother was learning to use the internet and finding it a little difficult, so I told her about how my Dad had found it easier using Eldy.  And now I’m telling you, just in case it’s Useful, which according to the A New Currency panel discussing ‘Social Capital as a Currency’ is the very best thing to be.

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Bristol ferry

Bristol ferry

If you ever find yourself in Bristol, as I did for work quite recently, be sure to try and catch the regular Bristol Ferry service that runs from Bristol Temple Meads – a fantastic way to see the city.

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