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853's post 'Sorry RSS readers ? blame thieving MyVillage idiots' was pumped straight into

853's post 'Sorry RSS readers...' was pumped straight into

Today I picked up on the above post from 853 blog’s manager Darryl, apologising to his readers for altering his RSS feed and blaming ‘thieving myvillage idiots’:

…unfortunately I?ve had to bring this into place because of abuse of the RSS feed by the MyVillage network of sites, whose rubbish Greenwich site has been pulling in content from 853 to help it attract readers and advertisers under the banner of ?local news?.

William Perrin commented that material (including photographs) had been reused by myvillage from his website without his consent.  A vague bell rang in my head about a myvillage Birmingham, so I searched and lo and behold, there was content (again including photographs) taken from the RSS feed of Digbeth is Good. A quick scan showed me content from Birmingham it’s Not Shit and Created in Birmingham was on there too.

Twitter _ Michael Grimes_

I tweeted my annoyance and quite an interesting discussion ensued, which is in this Storify.  Some creators of the content myvillage uses (like me) were quite annoyed and others such as Michael Grimes felt it might be a fair use of the RSS feeds we’d published.

Twitter _ Stuart Harrison_

Whatever the rights and the wrongs of the argument, myvillage’s creator Roifield Brown’s approach has meant that whilst building what aspires to be a profit-making website he’s angered a lot of the creators of the content he relies upon to populate it – not a good start for a business.  As Stuart Harrison commented there is a better way:

Twitter _ Stuart Harrison_

I emailed Roifield Brown today asking him to remove the Digbeth is Good feed from myvillage, this is the response I received:

Hi Nicky, sorry for the upset that using the first 200 characters from you blog has caused. We have now deleted the feed from publishing on MyVillage. Your blog is an extremely good one and one that I personally read from time to time being a Brummie.

When we started using extracts from blogs last year we emailed the blog owners to ask if this was alright by them. In some cases we did not get a response and we used their blogs. In hindsight this was a mistake, which we will completely correct in the first two weeks of Jan by completing an audit of all rss feeds used. We will ask again if the 200 word characters limit is acceptable before the link back to the article source, if there is a negative answer or no answer we will not use that blog.

Sorry again Nicky.

Rest assured your blog content will not be appearing on any of our sites from here on.

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