Happy St David’s Day everyone! Especially to those in Newport….

I’ve celebrated St David’s Day with re-watching my favourite Welsh film – M-J Delaney’s Newport parody of Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind, the best ‘internet sensation‘ of last year in my book.  EMI did get the original video uploaded to YouTube taken down for copyright infringement, but the loud Welsh voice would not be silenced. Amazingly the video comes up under the title ‘Newport Official Song’ on the first page of a clean Google search for the city.

Looking further into the related YouTube videos, it seems the parody has a parody from none other Goldie Lookin’ Chain, making the most of their genuine Newport origins. You knows it.

Even better, it seems the actors in M-J Delaney’s spoof video, Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright, are now being booked to perform at Newport functions.   Here’s a very crackly video of them in Coronation Park in Newport at the re-opening of the Transporter Bridge after it was closed for two years for repairs.

Dydd Gw?l Dewi Sant hapus!


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