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The Breakfast Club in photos

When local historian Richard Trengrouse emailed me to let me know that my favourite local Eastside Cafe was facing some difficult times and that he?d be breakfasting there each Wednesday morning to support them, I decided I?d join him. I invited the world and his wife along too, by blogging it on Digbeth is Good and tweeting it out.

And so a small, informal Breakfast Club has been born – people tend to turn up as and when they feel like it but usually each Wednesday there is a small group of us eating and chatting over a nice big breakfast. Conversations vary depending on who is there – from art to politics to local regeneration to a stuffed sheep meeting David Blunkett?s dog (you had to be there). Sometimes the seeds for plans are sown during these conversations (which Mike Rawlins has blogged about).

Whilst I?m there I usually have my iPhone out – I?ve taken to checking in on Foursquare (Mayorship frustratingly eludes me) and playing with the Instagram phone app for photos. Now I?ve heard some disparaging things said about Instagram, one snooty woman on Radio 4 described it as ?the comic sans of photography?, but I don?t care – I can get nice effects on simple photos taken with my phone and that’s all the matters to me.  Here’s what I’ve snapped so far.

If you feel like joining us for breakfast we’ll at Eastside Cafe from 7.30am this Wednesday 20th April.


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