Link: A long way back | Film | The Guardian

A long way back | Film | The Guardian – ‘They left Ireland for England as young men… and never returned. As a film documents their homecoming 40 years later, Jon McGregor meets the exiles.’

An amazing article around the launch of the new film Arise, You Gallant Sweeneys!, which was created collaboratively by freelance artist Ian Nesbitt, community activist Julie Cassidy Gosling and the men who feature in the film, who call themselves the Long Distance Gang. Being quite a fan of watching and screening films that tell the stories of Irish immigrants (such as The Forgotten Irish and The Irishmen) I got very excited when I read this and contacted Outside Film about the possibility of arranging some Birmingham screenings. They’ve come back to me very open to the idea, so watch this space!



  1. Deirdre said

    Nice one. You’ll love it.

  2. […] I read this article in The Guardian about the film Arise, You Gallant Sweeneys!, I got pretty excited and contacted OutSideFilm about the possibility of some Birmingham screenings.  Created […]

  3. […] love it when a plan comes together! This entry was posted in Digbeth is Good, Doing my thing and tagged Arise, […]

  4. My boyfriend is Irish, I’m Dutch – we both moved to the U.K.
    This is for us !

  5. This will surely strike a cord in many Irishmen who have fled their country about four decades ago. History has a lot of stories to tell indeed, both pleasant and unpleasant.

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