Cairo calling

I got an incredibly pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon – Karen Strunks called me to say she’d just been offered a last-minute press trip to Cairo and very kindly asked me to be her plus one! I leave very early Saturday morning and get back next Tuesday night.

News of the press trip, organised by Fly BMI, has had me squealing with excitement for the past 24 hours, much to Carl’s chagrin.  Getting away at a couple of days’ notice took a bit of sorting but there are certain things you just don’t say no to, and a free trip to Cairo is one of them. I’ve never been to the Middle East before so it’ll be a totally new experience and I feel flying there business class and staying in the Four Seasons Hotel is definitely the way to do it first time! 😉

As well as a spa, the Four Seasons also has WiFi, which Karen and I will use to tweet about our aventures using the hashtag #bmicairo.  I’ll also be attempting a bit of photography with Carl’s Canon Eos 400D camera, which he’s kindly agreed to lend me.

We’re also hoping to meet up with Noha Atef whilst we’re out there, who we’ve come to know through her work on the BCU MA Social Media course – it will be lovely to see a familiar face in a foreign land.

Have a great weekend folks. I’m hoping mine will rock!


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