RIP Flosscat


Flosscat very sadly died this morning aged fourteen years, after suffering from an aggressive, reoccurring mammary cancer for quite a while, which I’m told is quite common in female cats of her age. Very many thanks to Fivelands Vets in Moseley who handled both her illness and death brilliantly.

It’s made me reflect on her life, from when I got her as a feral little furball to her growing into a very big (she liked her food) and very loud and affectionate bundle of love.  Midge has captured her motor-like purr for posterity:

Floss liked eating, sleeping, licking human hands, catnip, having her fur brushed and lying on laps purring.  She disliked milk, ear drops, going outside, the vacuum cleaner and wearing a cone.  She led a largely quiet life but enjoyed a spell of hyperlocal fame as the face of the DiGpuss Shop.

I will miss Floss. She brought me much enjoyment, comfort and love over her fourteen years and I can only hope I repaid her in kind.  Rest In Peace.



  1. amy said

    Really sorry to hear about Floss, what a lovely lady she was. Thinking of you Nicky xxxx

  2. Nicky Getgood said

    Aw thank you Amy, that’s really kind! Floss was one helluva lady, whose affection was as ample as her frame! 🙂 thanks, Nicky xxx

  3. […] was a bit down when poor old Flosscat passed away, but was cheered up immensely the following day by Friction Arts’ Sandra and Lee, who took […]

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