Cardiff calling

Pontcanna, Cardiff

Pontcanna, Cardiff

As anyone following on me on twitter will be aware, the last month has been an eventful one for Carl and I.

It started off with Carl getting a fantastic new job at Cardiff University. We’d taken the decision to move to Cardiff a few months ago for a variety of reasons – so I could get closer to my family, to embark on a new adventure together, to begin a fresh chapter in our lives. We weren’t expecting this move to happen quite so soon, however – Carl spotted the perfect job, went for it and suddenly we had just over a month to relocate.

But before we had time to start packing and go house-hunting I went into hospital for a minor operation, which resulted in a surprise diagnosis of edometriosis and two weeks in a weird, post-operative fog.

Time and nerves have been kind of tight, but we seem to be getting there and are hoping to move into a new place in Pontcanna, Cardiff very soon. But that’s not the place in the above picture. That place is a block of flats just a little further down the same road that stands where an old house once was, in which my parents and brother lived until 1976, when Mum discovered she was pregnant with me and the family moved to a larger home.

This big rush to get ourselves sorted means we’ve no real time to say a proper goodbye to Birmingham, which I want to do. After living here for almost 15 years, I’ll miss the place and the people like crazy and the prospect of leaving is as scary as it is exciting. We’ll be back to visit lots, of course but I’m hoping the first trip back will be for a last Brummie birthday in January.

When telling people I’m moving I find I usually get asked three questions:

1. What will happen to Digbeth is Good? This will continue to stay in the very safe hands of Pamela, secretary of Digbeth Residents’ Association, who’s been blogging on there more than me of late. Midge will still be posting his music-related updates and I’ll chip in from afar when I can. Obviously, the more the merrier so if you’d like to contribute to Digbeth is Good, either regularly or just for a one-off post, let me know!

2. Will you be starting a hyperlocal blog for Pontcanna? I’ll never say never, but it’s definitely not something I’ll be doing straight away. Let me get moved in and settled down and we shall see what we shall see. I am looking forward to getting involved in  local life – Pontcanna residents seem like a pretty well organised bunch. My new home is also very close to Chapter Arts Centre, which hosts Canton Social Media Surgeries, so I intend on being a familiar face at those!

3. What will you do for work? Very pleased to say that I will continue working for Talk About Local from Cardiff.

By the way, the new place has a spare room, which we’re hoping friends will be using before long. So if you fancy a city break in Cardiff in 2012, you know who to call! 🙂



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  2. Ben Waddington said

    I notice is still available. Good luck with everything!

  3. Getgood said

    *Like* very much, Ben! 😀

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