Christmas is coming!

Xmas list

I love finding discarded notes and lists, like the ones above I found on the streets of Caerphilly, which tell me I really ought to get my skates on with my Christmas shopping. But it’s hard to feel festive whilst in a strange transition stage – Carl and I moved the bulk of our stuff to Cardiff over the weekend but we’re now back in Brum for the week, in a pretty Spartan flat without much in the way of basic furniture, let alone any Christmas decorations.

Xmas fairy

We wanted to at least put some Christmas lights up in the front window of our new Cardiff house, as ours is the only one in the terrace without a full-on, festive display but we couldn’t find which box the removals company had put them in. So ours is very much the miserable ‘Bah, Humbug!’ house of the street.

But last night Carl and I finally managed to get into the Christmas spirit, decorating his parents’ tree to a soundtrack of Christmas hits and enjoying some mince pies and wine whilst admiring our efforts. I went home happy with that warm, Christmassy feeling inside and the realisation that, “Shit, Christmas is this Sunday and I haven’t got ANYONE’S PRESENTS!”

Merry Christmas everyone!


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