Fiesta Fun!

Photo by avlxyz

Photo by avlxyz

Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. I’m not angling for birthday wishes, to be honest when people say, “It’s your birthday tomorrow!” it serves more as a sharp reminder rather than to build-up excitement.

I’m celebrating this Saturday in Birmigham with Sas Taylor (whose birthday was a couple of days ago) and Carl, who’s keen to mark our new Cardiff adventure, with ‘A Brummie Fiesta’ (Sas’s idea). Here’s the eventbrite’s blurb:

Last year we celebrated the birthdays with a cheesy grin. This year we’re hoping for more of a DIY Mexican wave, so…

  • If you can rustle up some chilli, make it.
  • If can you do a mean mojito, mix it.
  • If you have a fetching sombrero, wear it.
  • If you have some Mexican music in your collection, bring it.

Hopefully we can mix up a lovely warm, fiesta feeling that will take our minds off this wet, post-holiday winter weather!

Join us at 7.30pm onwards on Saturday 14th January 2012.

Friction Arts have very kindly given us use of The Edge in Digbeth for the evening – see location details.

I’m hoping a few friends can make it! 🙂


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