’52 weeks’ photos – home or away?

I had envisaged taking part in The Guardian’s 52 weeks photography project would result in a nice little archive of photos of my first year back living in Cardiff but as I’m travelling around quite a bit, it isn’t quite working out like that. Two of the last three photos were taken in London!

Tube rideThis one was taken in the tube near Victoria late on a Friday night – I was traveling from post UK GovCamp drinks to my easyhotel room in Paddington, so I could be around for more UK GovCamp fun the following day. Looking down the carriage it suddenly occurred to me what a rare sight an empty tube carriage is, so I took a quick photo on my iphone with instagram. I liked how the filter made the yellow tubing stand out.


Bugs! I think this is my favourite so far – a display of bugs for sale at Jacobs Antiques Market, which I was delighted to discover is still open after all these years. I have fond memories of frequent trips there with my Dad when I was young, rummaging through aged treasures. It’s still just the same. This photo was very much a case of capturing something I really wanted to take home with me but just couldn’t afford to buy! 😦


ghost bike As I walked past this ghost bike near Kings Cross station I realised it is the symbol of a story I’d been following online for quite some time. Student Deep Lee died in October 2011 whilst cycling through a notoriously dangerous junction. Will Perrin has covered the story at Kings Cross Environments, raising awareness of cycle safety issues and holding Transport for London to account for failing to make the junction safer for cyclists and pedestrians.


I’m unsure what my photo for this week will be – to be honest, I don’t think I’ve taken it yet. As I’m going to Birmingham tomorrow and London on Saturday, it looks like it will be yet another ‘away’ shot!


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